Hello! My name is Mary Weeks and I am A Woman of Strength!

A Woman of Strength will provide a foundation of resources for Domestic Abuse Survivors to provide basic needs and a loving home for thier family.

As a start up we will provide awareness and fundraising events to build that foundation.

We are currently in the start up phase building our way to ultimately provide housing for these families who crave a safe living environment.

I am now accepting resumes for volunteer board members. Resumes are a formality because we are doing the Lord’s work and following His plan. If it is in your heart to apply then you are qualified in the eyes of the Lord.

We are looking for 6 members. 2 domestic abuse survivors looking to pave the way for others. We need some professionals to help us navigate the world of non profits. If you have any background in legal, real estate, finance or social work please make sure that is included in your resume. We are located in Buffalo/West Seneca, New York.

Please feel free to tell your story in your cover letter. My advisors and I will pray over every application and contact you for an interview.

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