Dear TracyMarie,

I miss you. I am worried about you. Once upon a time your life was incomplete if you missed a Sunday at church, now I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve seen your smiling face.

We were supposed to meet for lunch several times but you cancel last minute; often while I am sitting at the restaurant waiting.

I remember in high school you used to tell me your dad was an alcoholic so you would never get drunk. Now that seems to be your weekly excuse.

I know relationships are a two way street. I know you want me to sleep over your apartment. You know alcohol and weed are not my thing, you are asking me into a world you know I feel uncomfortable.

I know love is blind.
I know you think he’s good to you.
I know you think he is your everything.

Can you see he controls how your money is spent?
Can you see the gifts you give far outweigh the gifts you receive?
Can you see he is pulling you away from your family and your friends?

I know your answer will be, you don’t know him like I do. You don’t know how much financially it takes to keep an apartment and still go to school. You can’t see how much he loves me and gifts don’t make a relationship.

Please just take one step in the direction of you. Reinstate your commitment to God. Please start coming to church again. Tell me to mind my own business. Never speak to me again. I don’t care as long as you are happy. Making God a priority in your life will put you back on the right path. Say a prayer. Come to church. Listen to the Holy Spirit whisper on your heart.

I Love You Always,